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Wine Question: Storing Wine At Home

Welcome to our Wine Question Of The Week submitted by our blog and social media followers. Storing wine at home can be tricky, here are some tips for keeping wine in good condition until you’re ready to pull the work. Question: “What are good methods for storing wine at home when you don’t have a wine cave or […]

Tasting Notes: 2014 Kistler Vineyards Chardonnay

Kistler Vineyards appears frequently on lists of the finest Chardonnay produced in America or anywhere else. That Kistler’s Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are world-class is no news to those who have been enjoying wines made by the Sebastopol-based family operation since the 1970’s. Their dedication to featuring the unique location and micro-climate of individual vineyards results […]

Wine Question: What Are Some Good Wine Books For Beginners?

Welcome to the Wine Question Of The Week submitted by our readers and social media followers. Question: “I’m interested in learning more about wine, can you recommend a few good wine books for beginners that don’t jump right into technical jargon?” F.A., White Plains, NY Answer: There are many great wine books available and some certainly dive quickly […]

2017 San Francisco Giants Baseball Almost Here!

San Francisco Giants baseball is just around the corner! Pitchers and catchers report to Scottsdale for Giants Spring Training on February 13th, followed by position players on the 16th. Giants players returning from 2016 will be joined by a large number of  recently-acquired Major League veterans and Minor League invitees. Join us in rooting for a great […]

Wine Question: Is There A Proper Method For Casual Wine Tasting?

Welcome to our Wine Question Of The Week submitted by our blog and social media followers. Question: “Is there a proper method for casual wine tasting that works for amateurs? We’re weekend sippers who want to understand more about what we’re enjoying without diving too deep into the technical details.” L.W., Palo Alto, CA Answer: Yes! Casual […]

Flying With Corkscrews

Flying with corkscrews has become a Wine Adventure in the years since 9/11. Those of us who carry on luggage and drink wine from bottles with corks have left more corkscrews in hotel rooms than Gideons have left Bibles. But TSA carry on regulations are evolving. It’s now possible to carry on corkscrews if you have the […]