2014 Anaba Wines Sonoma County Snow Vineyard Grenache BlancWith Major League pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training this past week, many of us have begun stocking the white wine section of our cellars in preparation for the summer drinking… er, baseball… season. I’m certainly looking forward to sampling new vintages of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and other fine whites served well-chilled on warm summer days. One new label added to the Base Camp wine list this year is 2014 Anaba Wines Grenache Blanc. It’s an easy-sipping wine best served on the cooler side of chilled. With alcohol content at 12.8%, it’s kick is about average for a light white wine.

Grenache Blanc is a white grape varietal found mostly in northeast Spain and France’s Rhône Valley. It is genetically related to the red grape Grenache, which is growing in popularity worldwide. Anaba’s single vineyard Grenache Blanc features the characteristics expected of Sonoma County whites – tangy fruit with heavy influences of the soil and winds particular to the region. See the back label notes below.

2014 Anaba Wines Sonoma County Snow Vineyard Grenache Blanc back

You may have a tough time finding this wine in retail, but the winery tasting room in Sonoma is easy to find.  Check out the notes from my tasting room adventure in November 2015: Anaba Wines Tasting Room.

Cheers and GO GIANTS!