February 2022
Gott's Roadside Saint Helena Napa Valley

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Welcome to the February edition of Wine Adventure Journal's Monthly Harvest Newsletter - a recap of our most recent articles and adventures plus a splash of news and coming events.

Top Photo credit: February Destination Of The Month: Gott's Roadside, Saint Helena, Napa Valley

News and Comment

In December we launched Where In The Wine Are We? - a weekly posting of photographs from The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements. The January reveal is out, sharing the locations of photos published that month (click here to view). Readers who submit photos that meet our rules will be entered into a prize drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

There are a lot of food and drink holidays in February, so enjoy! If you will be holding an event related to The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements, list your even on our calendar for free. Events must be open to the general public, even if tickets are required. Click here for more information. 

February Holidays & Events

For background information on each of these holidays and events, view our events calendar.

February 1 - National Dark Chocolate Day

February 5 - Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

February 6 - National Frozen Yogurt Day

February 9 - National Pizza Day

February 11 - National Peppermint Patty Day

February 14 - Valentines Day

February 18 - National Drink Wine Day

February 19 - National Chocolate Mint Day

February 20 - National Muffin Day

February 23 - National Banana Bread Day

February 24 - National Chili Day

February 25 - National Clam Chowder Day

Latest Articles and Adventures
Featured Destination: Gott's Roadside, Saint Helena
Our February Featured Destination is the original Gott’s Roadside in Saint Helena, Napa Valley. Gott’s operates several locations, most with indoor seating, but the Saint Helena location on Highway 29…
Where In The Wine Are We? Febuary 12, 2022
Where In The Wine Are We? is back in the USA to feature a Cape Dutch-style landmark that is easy to spot from the trail on which thousands of area…
Where In The Wine Are We? Febuary 5, 2022
Where In The Wine Are We? starts February with a classic bridge from a well-known wine region in Italy. This city was once ruled by a family of doctors who…
Book Of The Month - Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2022
Our February Book Of The Month is Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2022, a practical guide to understanding and buying wine. Hugh Johnson has been helping us navigate the thick…
Where In The Wine Are We? January 2022 Photo Location Reveal
It’s time to reveal the locations of Where In The Wine Are We? photos posted in January 2022. Did you know any of these places or guess any locations correctly?…
National Hot Chocolate Day 2022
Happy National Hot Chocolate Day! This annual holiday celebrates the traditional hot drink enjoyed worldwide on cold winter days. There is often confusion between hot chocolate and hot cocoa, which…
National Croissant Day 2022
It’s National Croissant Day – a day to celebrate the tasty pastry that originated in Austria and made its way to France when Marie Antionette married into the French royal…
Where In The Wine Are We? January 29, 2022
Where In The Wine Are We? finishes January with this tasting room scene from a hillside location in northern California – can you guess where it was taken? It’s in…
Wine Of The Week - 2018 Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc
Our Wine Of The Week is 2018 Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Fumé Blanc, a superior blend of 87% Sauvignon Blanc and 13% Sémillion. As you would expect from a Napa…
National Irish Coffee Day 2022
National Irish Coffee Day is one of those rare days that commemorates a drink actually invented in the country that is part of its name! First served at a restaurant…

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