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Wine Adventure Journal is a comfortable chair by a warm fire where Wine Adventurers sit back, sip, and share tales of their tastings, travels and experiences in The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements. Although based in Northern California, WAJ stories take us worldwide.

What is the world of wine and adjacent amusements? In a nutshell, anything experienced through fine living. We find that those who enjoy good wine also frequently enjoy wine-related travel and destinations, a shot of good Scotch or Bourbon, a mug of beer or ale, various mixed drinks, plus good food and fine dining. We share stories that cover any of those topics and more.

Please participate! Comment on posts that interest you and share your stories about your wine, drink, food or other experiences others might enjoy.

As our disclaimer states, Wine Adventure Journal makes no claim of expertise regarding wine, wine tasting, or any of the destinations or products discussed on this site.  Each of us has the opportunity to judge for ourselves what we read about and experience.

John Souerbry Wine Adventure JournalJohn Souerbry, Publisher/Writer/Wine Adventurer

John is a Wine Adventurer whose explorations originate from a base camp in Northern California Wine Country.  When not knee-deep in jungle, swamp or vineyard, he crafts Wine Adventure Journal stories, practices real estate, runs a small media company (Downpour Media LLC), plays something that by appearance loosely resembles the game of golf, tries to fish, wastes time at poker, sips wine and Scotch, and forages for fine food.  John is not employed by any wine, beverage, food or travel-related establishments and his opinions regarding wines and wine-related destinations, other drinks, foods, products and general adventures are completely his own unless otherwise disclosed.

Caveat lector.