Avoid Christmas Shopping Panic with Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of ChristmasWe’re at Week 9 of our Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas, presenting great holiday gift ideas to help you avoid Christmas shopping panic. With shopping in-person either impractical or risky in the current environment, ordering online may be your best way to check many of the names on your list. Starting now on your shopping makes sure your gifts arrive before Christmas.

Below is a summary of Christmas gift ideas for wine lovers and foodies presented through Week 9. You can see all our product demonstration videos on the Wine Adventure Journal YouTube channel. We hope you find these gift ideas helpful and will check back for the three final Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas, cheers!

Summary Of Christmas Gift Recommendations Through Week 9

The KANAR Old Fashioned glass is great for sipping whiskey on the rocks or serving your favorite mixed drinks.


The ultimate glass for sipping whiskey neat. Unique shape works much like a wine glass, capturing the aroma so whiskey lovers can see, sniff and sip to get full enjoyment from their favorite amber liquids.


This pump-type wine bottle cork remover inserts air into the wine bottle, creating pressure that pushes the cork out. Easy to use and fun. Comes with foil cutter, aerating pouring spout and vacuum bottle stopper.

Moscow Mule gift set from Mule Science

The Moscow Mule is a popular holiday beverage that is easy to make. Check out the Mule Science kit that includes 4 mugs, 4 copper straws, coasters, stirring spoon, and a straw cleaning brush. For more information, recipes and to see our demo video, click here.

Host Freeze Cup

Host Freeze Cups contain gel that, after a few hours in the freezer, will keep your wine (or other beverage) chilled for hours. They are durable plastic, the best option for serving drinks on the patio or by the pool. To see video, click here.

WineOpoly wine board game

Wine-Opoly is a board game that plays much like the original Monopoly, but has been adapted nicely to replace properties with wine. This is NOT a test of wine trivia, the winning strategy is to acquire and develop properties. To see the video, click here.

AllTemp Wine Thermometer

The AllTemp Infrared Thermometer is an easy way to check the serving temperature of wine. Serving at proper temperature brings out the best aroma and taste. To see video, click here.


The Morning Favorites gift basket from Stonewall Kitchen contains all the dry ingredients needed to make tasty pancakes and waffles. To watch the video, click here.

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Bloody Mary’s are a popular holiday morning drink, enjoy yours with Stonewall Kitchen’s complete kit – or gift one.

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Love waffles but don’t have a waffle maker? This Cuisinart model makes two waffles at once and flips to spread the batter evenly.

Vinenco Wine Chiller

The 2nd Wine Wednesday presented a wine chiller stick that keeps a bottle of wine chilled for hours. To see our YouTube demo, click here.

Marking wine glasses with guest’s names is a warm special greeting and easy way for everyone to keep track of their glass. Washes off with a damp clothe or in the dishwasher. Also good for decorating gift bottles, decorating ornaments and leaving notes on mirrors, windows or any glass surface!

Our 1st Wine Wednesday gift idea was the Reitz rechargeable electric corkscrew, a tool that makes opening a bottle of wine effortless. Order using the link (right). To see our YouTube demo, click here.

Flauno Electric Wine OpenerDue to the popularity of the Reitz electric corkscrew, it may not be available from time to time. We recommend this Flauno Corkscrew as a great substitute.

EZBasics Wine Stopper

We added a supporting item in Week 1 – the EZBasics wine stopper set that removes air from wine bottles to keep the wine fresh for up to a week. Also demonstrated in our YouTube video.