Adventures On The Wine Route by Kermit LynchOur June Book Of The Month selection is Adventures On The Wine Route, A Wine Buyer’s Tour Of France by Kermit Lynch.

We often ask Wine Adventurers why they go on wine tastings or take vacations in wine country. The answers vary widely. Some are looking to buy wines to fill their cellar, others hope to discover gems not available in shops where they live. Most just want to have fun doing what they love and find peace in the soothing sea of green created by hundreds of acres of vineyards. Across the board, a super majority say that being where the wine is grown, made and bottled makes the tasting experience supremely more authentic, unique and enjoyable.

A lot goes on behind the scenes in the wine business, which is where Adventures On The Wine Route delivers sterling images of people, places and events encountered by the author while practicing his trade – a wine importer and seller headquartered in Northern California. Industry insiders will laugh and nod their heads, “yeah, that happens a lot” will come to mind often as they read some of the more outlandish passages. Adventures On The Wine Route shares how the sausage – great wine – is made, bottled and sold. Painful truths are revealed in detail while respect and admiration is afforded to those who have earned it.

Whether you are a master somm, a frequent shopper at Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, or a weekend sipper of non-vintage blends produced from nebulous appellations, you’ll enjoy the great story telling and interesting insights in this timeless classic originally published in 1988 and now offered in a 25th Anniversary Edition.

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