Champagne by Donald and Petie Kladstrup

Champagne by Donald and Petie Kladstrup

Our March Book Of The Month selection is Champagne: How the World’s Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times by Donald and Petie Kladstrup.

This history of the Champagne region is told through tales of characters who influenced and inhabited its cities and villages – from Dom Pérignon in the mid-1600’s to General Dwight Eisenhower at the end of World War II. Their stories are given context by major events through which they lived – wars, political turmoil and more. At the center of everything are Champagne’s vineyards and the growers who tend them, for Champagne was the name of a place long before it became known for world class wine.

Champagne is a very interesting and well-written story that history buffs and French wine enthusiasts – all wine enthusiasts – will enjoy.


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