Wine Food New Adventures In Drinking and Cooking by Dana Frank and Andrea SloneckerOur May Book Of The Month is Wine Food: New Adventures In Drinking And Cooking (A Recipe Book) by Dana Frank and Andrea Slonecker.

For many, pairing wine and food starts with the food. A quick check to see what’s in the refrigerator, maybe a run to the store, and finally – sorting through the cellar to see if we have a wine that pairs well with what we’re preparing. Wine Food turns the process around by considering the style and growing region of the wine first, then building a food menu around it. The result is a balanced appreciation for every element of the meal. Recipes range from simple to complex and may include items you don’t usually have on-hand, so allow time for a potential trip to the market before you start cooking.

Enjoy the adventure and great recipes, cheers!

Available in Hardcover and Kindle. Hardcover price shown, click to see prices for all formats.

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