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National Coffee Day
Sep 29 all-day
National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day celebrates America’s common morning brew. Many bakeries and coffee shops offer special deals on this day, check out this link to see which ones: National Coffee Day.

Celebrated annually on September 29th.


National Espresso Day
Nov 23 all-day
National Espresso Day

Happy National Espresso Day! Espresso is a steam-extracted shot of coffee made from the darkest roasted beans. While standard coffee drips through ground beans to extract flavor and aroma, the espresso process is a diferent form of extraction. The beans are ground significantly finer and steam pressure forces hot water through them to produce a more concentrated liquid that is roughly 1/8 the amount that would be produced from the same volume of beans using a drip method.

National Espresso Day is celebrated annually on November 23rd.

#NationalEspressoDay #EspressoDay

National Milk Day
Jan 11 all-day
National Milk Day

National Milk Day celebrates the primary component in all dairy products and an ingredient used in everything from pasta sauces to desserts. The date of January 11th is significant to the milk industry because it marks the date in 1878 when, for the first time, milk was delivered to customers in sterilized glass bottles sealed with waxed paper. This began a series of innovations, such as pastuerization, that made farm-fresh milk available for safe transportation, storage, and enjoyment by those living far away from milk producers.

Although the United States is a major milk consumer, the country producing the most milk annually is India, where cows are generally considered sacred and are protected. The highest quality milk is believed to come from New Zealand, where exclusively grass-fed cows produce a superior grade of milk.

Celebrated annually on January 11th. A similar holiday is World Milk Day, celebrated on June 1st.

#NationalMilkDay #MilkDay

British National Tea Day
Apr 21 all-day
British National Tea Day

British National Tea Day is a wildly popular day of recognition that commenorates both Great Britain’s national sip and the Queen’s birthday. Tea became popular in England the 1600’s, when a Portugese woman married King Charles II and brought a large amount of tea as part of her dowery. She had a cup every day and it didn’t take long for the ladies and gentlemen of the royal court to adopt the practice. Eventually tea took on a dual meeting as not just an afternoon sip, but also a snack break with appropriate finger sandwiches, fruit and other tasty tidbits.

After centuries of waiting, National Tea Day became official in 2016 and is celebrated annually on April 21st.

#NationalTeaDay #BritishNationalTeaDay

National Mimosa Day
May 16 all-day
National Mimosa Day

National Mimosa Day celebrates one of the most common and easy to make adult beverages served at brunch in America. Start with half a flute of your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine, add an equal part of orange juice, then garnish with an orange slice on the rim of the glass and there you have it – a Mismosa! Mismosa recipes date back to the 1920’s and can vary greatly. Depending on your mood, taste, or selection of foods served alongside, the proportions of wine/orange juice can vary. Some also prefer a fresh strawberry or other tangy fruit as a garnish.

National Mimosa Day is celebrated annually on May 16th.

#MimosaDay #Mimosa