Eighth Wine Wednesday Of Christmas featuring Cork GeniusWelcome to the Eighth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! In this installment of the Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas we’re presenting the Cork Genius gift set. This pump-type corkscrew inserts pressure into the wine bottle by inserting a needle through the cork and pumping air into the bottle, which in turns pushes the cork out. This is a simple, easy way to remove corks that may be a little dry and brittle and a fun alternative to waiter’s corkscrews and lever models.

Gift set includes the cork remover, 4-wheel foil cutter, pouring spout and vacuum bottle stopper.

Check out the demonstration video, then see the photo and link below to order (or skip the video and read on).

Order your Cork Genius Gift Set on Amazon.com using this link.

That’s it for our Eighth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! If you missed previous installments, click here and check back next week for more great gift ideas. Cheers!