National German Chocolate Cake Day

German Chocolate Cake Day celebrates a favorite American cake that gets its name from a person, not a country. In 1852, Baker Chocolate Company in Massachusetts (named after founder Dr. James Baker) worked with confectioner Sam German to develop a dark baking chocolate. The final product was labeled Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate.

In 1957, a recipe for German’s Chocolate Cake prepared with Baker’s chocolate was developed by Mrs. George Clay and published in The Dallas Morning News. The recipe soon appeared in other newspapers and the popularity of Baker’s chocolate product grew rapidly. By that time General Foods owned Baker Chocolate Company and put its marketing strength to work increasing production and distribution of the chocolate. The name of the popular cake was eventually simplified to just German Chocolate Cake.

Today, Baker’s Chocolate is a line of baking and confectionary products marketed by food giant Kraft Heinz.

Celebrated annually on June 11th.

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