National Truffle Day celebrates the sweet treat created in France in the late 1800’s with competing origin stories. It is said that N. Petruccelli of Chambery, France invented the truffle in December 1895. Others claim the truffle was created by accident when an apprentice to French baker Georges Auguste Escoffier poured hot cream into a bowl of chocolates. When the ingredients cooled, balls were rolled from the mixture and covered in confectioners sugar. It is also believed that Frenchman Louis Defour created truffles as a Christmas treat around the same time, and that his relative Antoine Dufour brought them to international attention when he opened a shop in London and produced and sold truffles there.

Regardless of how they came about, today truffles are a holiday season favorite enjoyed every day around the world.

National Truffle Day is celebrated annually on May 2nd.

#NationalTruffle Day.