Fifth Wine Wednesday Of Christmas openWelcome to the Fifth Wine Wednesday Of Christmas for 2021! We’re bringing you twelve weekly holiday gift ideas from The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements™. Wine, food, spirits, travel and more. From utensils for the kitchen or home bar to tasty nibbles, we’ll help you find the right gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite Wine Adventurers.

This week’s gift idea is the Ninja XL Air Fryer, a two-basket air fryer that helps you create tasty fried dishes without the mess and expense of oil. Pictured below is the model with two 4-quart baskets that can be set to the same time and temperature. Each basket can also cook independently. The two basket model makes it easy to fry a whole chick in one side and vegetables in the other and have them finish cooking at the same time. Check out the demo video below and click on the Amazon link to purchase.

Prefer a single basket (5.5 quart) model? Click here.

Ninja XL Air fryer

Thanks for checking out our Fifth Wine Wednesday Of Christmas and join us next week for the next great gift idea. Cheers!