Fourth Wine Wednesday Of Christmas 2020 169Welcome to the Fourth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! In this installment of Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas we’re demonstrating the AllTemp Infrared Thermometer. Serving wine at the proper temperature brings out its best features, whether you’re pouring a red, white, blush or sparkling wine. Aromas are more intense and flavors are calibrating for the best possible tasting experience. A no-touch thermometer is a quick and easy way to check the temperature.

Check out the demonstration video, then see photos and links below to order (or skip the video and read on).

The AllTemp Infrared Thermometer and Vinenco chiller are available on, just click the links below to view more information and to place the items in your shopping cart.

AllTemp Wine Thermometer

Vinenco Wine Chiller

That’s it for our Fourth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! If you missed previous installments, click here and check back next week for more great gift ideas. Cheers!