Happy Festivus 2023, the “holiday for the rest of us.” Festivus originated in 1966 and its popularity as an anti-holiday continues to grow. Although universally celebrated on December 23rd annually, wishing someone Happy Festivus is appropriate any day of the year.

There are many traditions that date back to the first Festivus, such as a dinner of turkey or ham. After Festivus was featured in an episode of the TV show “Seinfeld” in 1997, variations were added such consumption of meat loaf, a salad of naked lettuce, M&M’s, and other foods appropriate for an anti-holiday feast. The most popular activities inspired by Seinfeld and now included on this day are:

– Airing Of Grievences

– The Festivus Pole

– Feats Of Strength

– Festivus Dinner

– Festivus Miracles

It’s all for fun, so Happy Festivus!