Napa Valley Coombsville AVA Labor Day 300 2020 09 07 Happy Labor Day to all who put in the hours, serve, produce, make, create, contribute or support those who do. It’s a day to recognize the importance of labor to all industries and to celebrate all workers, from the single independent contractor to corporations employing thousands.

This federal holiday was established by an act of Congress and signed by President Grover Cleveland on June 28, 1894. The bill, S. 730, set aside the first Monday each September as a day to recognize workers who contributed to the industrial growth of the nation at that time in what historians dubbed the “industrial revolution.” Thirty states already had days of recognition for labor, S. 730 was passed without objection to provide a single national holiday all could agree on.

Labor Day continues to recognize the importance of workers even as machines and computers perform many repeatable tasks formerly performed by labor. The holiday also signals the end of summer, return to school and in many wine-producing regions the time for harvest.

I hope you’re taking the day off work or spending time with someone who is. After a quick project in the Coombsville AVA in Napa Valley, California (photo above) I’m taking rest of the day to get out of the heat – it’s 106F/41C at Wine Adventure base camp today. Time to enjoy a few cool sips. Cheers!