Mothers Authentic Mexican Lager is a truly enjoyable beer custom brewed by East Brother Beer Company for Mothers Tacos in Napa, CA. If you haven’t stopped by Mothers on Jefferson Street just a few minutes from the heart of downtown, it’s worth the trip. The food is authentic and a favorite stop for lunch, dinner, or a quick nibble between wine tastings (see map below).
I was fortunate to get my hands on a can of Mothers Lager this past weekend when stopping in for a few tacos. The beer is not yet on the menu, regular availability in the restaurant starts around February 11th.

Producer: East Brother Beer Company, Richmond, California. Brewery produces pils, ale, lager, IPA, and stout. Taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday, check website for daily hours.

Description: Mothers Authentic Mexican Lager is a custom-brewed Mexican lager, which features flaked maize (corn) in the mash and produces a light, crisp brew.

Price: Four-pack (1 pint per can) is $12 at the restaurant.

Tasting Notes

Style: Many compare Mexican lager to Austrian lager, which features malt in a lighter style. Mothers Lager is crisp, clear, and light. An easy selection as your house beer if you stock cold beer for warm summer days.

Aroma: Hint of wildflowers and hops.

Appearance: Light with medium bubbles and a healthy head.

Taste: Refreshing taste that teases a hint of the corn without over-doing it.

Finish: Medium sweet with a smooth finish.

Other Comments: Serve well-chilled on warm afternoons on the patio, excellent with salads and light or heavy Mexican foods.

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