National Lasagna DayLasagna is one of America’s favorite foods and the dish I typically order the first time visiting an Italian restaurant. Good lasagna combines a range of tasty ingredients, including layers of flat noodles, ground meat, cheeses, and spices. The first known recipe for lasagna published in the 14 century did not include tomatoes, but over time they have become a featured component, along with minced onion and garlic.

One of the great benefits of baking a large, deep dish of lasagna is that it keeps so well in the refrigerator. Many say that leftover lasagna improves in the days following the first meal as the flavors are absorbed further into the noodles. Good lasagna will stay fresh for a week in the refrigator.

Enjoy a plate (or 2) of hot lasagna today!

National Lasagna Day is celebrated in the United States each year on July 27th.

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