National Milk DayNational Milk Day celebrates the primary component in all dairy products and an ingredient used in everything from pasta sauces to desserts. The date of January 11th is significant to the milk industry because it marks the date in 1878 when, for the first time, milk was delivered to customers in sterilized glass bottles sealed with waxed paper. This began a series of innovations, such as pastuerization, that made farm-fresh milk available for safe transportation, storage, and enjoyment by those living far away from milk producers.

Although the United States is a major milk consumer, the country producing the most milk annually is India, where cows are generally considered sacred and are protected. The highest quality milk is believed to come from New Zealand, where exclusively grass-fed cows produce a superior grade of milk.

Celebrated annually on January 11th. A similar holiday is World Milk Day, celebrated on June 1st.

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