National Pasta Day celebrates one of the most versatile foods in the world, whether you call it noodles, macaroni or simply… pasta. When the first piece of pasta was created is hard to nail down, since it wasn’t well documented. Artwork discovered in the Italian region known 2,900 years ago as Etruria, also referred to as the Estruscan civilization, depicted villagers creating pasta. Included in one piece was what appears to be a machine that produced long, thin strands of pasta. Etruria, which at one time covered most of modern day Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and parts of northeast Italy toward Venice, is considered by many to be the birthplace of spaghetti. Etruria was eventually absorbed into the Roman Empire, and by 27BC ceased to exist.

Thomas Jefferson was introduced to pasta while visiting Paris in the late 1780’s and brought some home to America, where it soon became popular. As various shapes, sizes, and sauces were developed, pasta became the food staple that it is today. Celebrate National Pasta Day by serving your favorite pasta dish, cheers!

Making fresh pasta at home is a treat not that hard to do. Our March 2023 Book Of The Month was Homemade Pasta Made Simple: A Pasta Cookbook with Easy Recipes & Lessons to Make Fresh Pasta Any Night by Manuela Zangara. Check it out and try making fresh pasta yourself.

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