National Popcorn DayNational Popcorn Day celebrates an ancient snack that has become a widely-enjoyed staple in modern food culture. Corn is generally categorized in six types: dent cornflint cornpod cornflour corn, and sweet corn. The process of popping corn requires heating a kernal with a hard outer shell so that pressure builds up within the soft inner kernal until it pops. Flint corn is the best type for popping, since its name “flint” describes its hard, thin, outer shell. Evidence that this type of corn has been used for popping dates back hundreds of years in Central and South America.

Today, popcorn is enjoyed throughout the world and served in hundreds of ways, from flavored with a shake of salt and a drizzle of butter to processing into many varieties of kettle corn. We can pair wine with our favorite popcorn finishes, such as:
– add a little salt or butter: Chardonnay
– add cheese: Cabernet Sauvignon
– sweeten with caramel coating: Moscato
– cover in chocolate: Pinot Noir

National Popcorn Day is celebrated every year on January 19th.