National Sandwich Day is an American celebration that recognizes the invention of the sandwich by English nobleman John Montagu. Montagu was born the Fourth Earl Of Sandwich on November 3, 1718. He served as Britain’s Postmaster General and was several times First Lord Of The Admiralty (head of the British Navy), including the period during the American Revolution.

Montagu was also well known as a gambler who didn’t like to leave the card table for meal breaks. So he could eat while continuing to play, Montagu asked servers to bring him slices of meat between two pieces of bread that he could eat with his hands. Eventually, other players followed his lead by requesting “the same as Sandwich,” and the sandwich was born. There are also rumors that Montagu first ordered a sandwich while working at his desk, but that story have less support in history.

National Sandwich Day is celebrated annually on John Montagu’s birthday – November 3rd.