National Sourdough Bread Day celebrates a beloved type of artisan bread made famous during California’s Gold Rush era and still a San Francisco staple today. It is believed that yeast-risen bread has been around since 1500BC. Travelers, from marching armies to settlers exploring new lands, found that the thick crust was durable during transport and kept the soft, inner loaf fresh over longer periods of time. Whether sliced and eaten alone, dipped, spread on, or used to hold together a sandwich, sourdough bread is a go-to choice for tasty bread.

Looking for an easy recipe? All it takes is a little yeast, bread flour, water, olive oil, salt and PATIENCE. Sourdough bread can take a couple days to make properly if you want the best results. Even though combining the ingredients is easy, waiting for the dough to rise can take a lot of time. Check out this recipe from King Arthur Baking Company, a producer of great bread flour and more.

National Sourdough Bread Day is celebrated annually on April 1st.