Davids Patriotic Cookie with Jenis Ice Creams Brandied Banana Brulee

Jeni’s Brandied Banana Brûlée

It’s #WineWednesday, but after featuring Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams on National Ice Cream Day and receiving several requests for more information about their products, here it is. To stretch the point, I’m sharing this picture (right) of last evening’s pairing of Jeni’s Brandied Banana Brûlée with a Patriotic Cookie from David’s (more about the cookie below). Brandy is usually made from wine, so we’ll call it wine ice cream.

As featured on National Ice Cream Day: Middle West Whiskey and Pecans

You can buy ice cream from a long list of manufacturers at your local grocery store. Many, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins, also have branded scoop shops nation-wide. But how many will ship pints of premium ice cream to your door? Jeni’s can be found in several high end grocery outlets here in the San Francisco Bay Area, including my nearest Whole Foods Market in Napa, Nugget Market in Vacaville and Market Hall Foods in the Rockridge neighborhood of north Oakland. They also have more than a dozen shops from Los Angeles to Atlanta (sorry, none in the San Francisco area). What makes Jeni’s special – other than their ice creams – is they will ship directly to consumers. In these times when many of us are staying home or are unable to deliver presents for birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions, sending an unexpected foodie surprise can be exciting. If you’re looking for gifts for clients who don’t drink wine (shudder the thought), great ice cream could be an excellent alternative. Jeni’s ships individual pints or pre-selected collections anywhere, packed with dry ice in white styrofoam coolers. Visit their web site at Jenis.com.

Davids Pan N Bake Cooke DoughNow, about those cookies. David’s Cookies offers direct delivery of cookies, cakes and cookie dough (packed in dry ice), though I recommend watching for specials on QVC, especially when they offer free shipping. QVC prices are usually a few dollars lower, though product offerings may be different than you’ll find on the David’s Cookies web site. Cookie dough is delivered in flat, pizza-style boxes and are medium sized after baking. An excellent pair with ice cream, a cold glass of milk or your favorite dessert wine.

Have a wonderful Wine Wednesday!