Uncle Bucks Fishbowl and Grill gator

Some restaurants offer chicken nuggets, Uncle Buck’s offer gator

Uncle Bucks Fishbowl & Grill is now open and bringing gallons of fun to Silicon Valley hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. Bass Pro Shops opened their third Northern California location this Fall in south San Jose, including an Uncle Buck’s restaurant on the building’s south end.

What’s at Uncle Buck’s? There are five features to this fun and unique outdoorsman’s paradise.

1. The water-themed bowling alley is a great place to take the kids for fun on the lanes. Décor includes game fish and swamp creatures all around, plus bowling lanes that look like long thin slices of fish-infested waters (see photos below).

2. There is also a sit-down dining room with a broad menu of kid and adult-friendly appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers, fish, steaks and more (click here for menu). A featured item not found often outside the deep South is the Alley Gator appetizer (photo above). They come with a sweet dipping sauce and unlike most breaded nuggets, don’t taste exactly like chicken.

3. The comfortable sports bar between the lanes shares most, if not all, of the restaurant menu. The full bar offers wine, beer and the usual assortment of mixed concoctions you’d find in any sports bar. Game-tuned TV’s are strategically placed and the service is very good.

4. The fourth feature of Uncle Bucks Fishbowl is an event venue. Space for private dinners and meetings is available, as well as kid’s party packages.

5. The final feature is co-location with the Bass Pro Shop itself. The San Jose location has all the hunting, fishing, shooting, boating and other sporting equipment, clothing and supplies you’ll find in the other Northern California stores in Rocklin or Manteca.

Uncle Bucks Fishbowl & Grill is one of nine theme restaurants found in Bass Pro Shops around the country (click here to see them all). Stop in for the food and fun.

Bass Pro Shop – Uncle Bucks Fishbowl & Grill

5160 Cherry Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118