Sixth Wine Wednesday Of ChristmasWelcome to the sixth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! In this installment of Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas we’re presenting the Host Freeze Cup – a great way to serve wine safely when crystal may not be appropriate and to keep wine chilled while sipping on warm, sunny days.

The Host Freeze Cup has an inner wall filled with gel that freezes solid in your freezer and lasts for hours. Use it for wine, beer, soda – anything best enjoyed chilled.

Check out the demonstration video, then see the photo and link below to order (or skip the video and read on).

Host makes their Freeze Cup with grip bands in many colors. My preference is the marble band shown in the picture above and used in the video.

If you missed our previous presentation on use of the AllTemp wine thermometer, click here to see the video. You can order one for yourself or to give as a gift by clicking the Amazon link (right).

That’s it for our Sixth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! If you missed previous installments, click here and check back next week for more great gift ideas. Cheers!