Santa Clara Kenpo Academy Sandra Dee owner and instructorSanta Clara Kenpo Academy in Silicon Valley provides martial arts and self-defense training that features American Kenpo karate, kickboxing and grappling. Group classes and private lessons are available for adults and also for children ages four and up.

American Kenpo is one of the most popular forms of karate taught in the United States and worldwide. It was developed by Senior Grandmaster Edmund “Ed” Kealoha Parker (1931-1990) beginning in the 1950’s in Hawaii and later at Mr. Parker’s karate school in Pasadena, California. Mr. Parker was also a fight choreographer, stunt man and actor (Kill The Golden Goose, 1979). Through his teaching and Hollywood connections, Mr. Parker either trained or associated with many celebrities, including Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

American Kenpo is a system known for quick, powerful strikes that can defeat opponents in seconds. It focuses on the use of “natural weapons” – primarily punches, kicks and blocks – and adapts techniques from ancient Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts to provide a practical system for modern day self defense.

Santa Clara Kenpo Academy students can train purely for fitness and self-defense purposes or earn belts in American Kenpo. Classes are held in the evenings Monday through Thursday and on Saturday mornings. Stop by to observe classes, visit their web site (Santa Clara Kenpo Academy) or call (408) 505-1067 for more information.

Santa Clara Kenpo Academy martial arts frame