Tenth Wine Wednesday Of ChristmasWelcome to the Tenth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! In this installment of the Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas we’re presenting a great waiter’s corkscrew I use at home.

Wine bottle corks should be pulled straight out, not bent as they are extracted, to reduce the risk of breaking and sending pieces of cork into the wine. Older vintages that may have drier corks have the most potential for cracking. A corkscrew with two hinges makes the process more reliable as the cork is pulled in two easy stages. The HiCoup corkscrew has a two hinge fulcrum with a spring loaded tip (often called the “bootlever”) that the makes the process easier.

An added feature is the classic design with rosewood inlay, which makes this corkscrew a truly premium product.

Check out the demonstration video!

To purchase this item, use the Amazon.com link below.

HiCoup Wine Bottle Corkscrew

That’s it for our Tenth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! If you missed previous installments, click here and check back next week for more great gift ideas. Cheers!