Thanksgiving meals can be a mega-production, regardless of how many guests expected at your table – but don’t worry, help is here! With Thanksgiving just a few weeks off and many holiday staples predicted to be in short supply this year, it’s a good idea to start planning and stocking ingredients for your meal now. Our November Book Of The Month, Classic Thanksgiving Meals Cookbook by Matthew Thrush, can help you get started.

You’ll be guided through the process of creating a menu, taking inventory of kitchen tools, and stocking the pantry to make sure everything needed to prepare your holiday feast is there when you need it.

The collection of recipes is a who’s who of old friends most of us remember from every Thanksgiving since earliest childhood. There is much more than turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. If you can’t find a suitable turkey, no problem. This cookbook includes recipes for beef, chicken and lamb, too. Plus over a dozen side dishes, condiments, breads and desserts.

Whether you are new to preparing Thanksgiving meals or simply looking to up your game, check out the Classic Thanksgiving Meals Cookbook. Cheers!