Top 10 Best Wine Chillers and Ice Buckets 2

Our Top 10 Best Wine Bottle Chillers and Ice Buckets will keep wines at proper serving temperature. Running back and forth to the refrigerator every time you or your guests need a refill of chilled wine is not only inconvenient, but opening and closing the fridge drives up energy costs.

Here they are, our Top 10 Best wine chillers and ice buckets, cheers! Note: We are a marketing affiliate of and other sellers featured in this guide. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What is the correct servicing temperature for wine? Here are WSET guidelines for white, red and sparkling wines.

Want to check your wine’s temperature before you pour and as you keep it chilled? Check out the AllTemp Infrared Thermometer. Quick, accurate readings with the push of a button.