Wine Decanters have several useful purposes, here are our Top 10 that provide excellent aeration, ease of serving, and stylish presentation. Read to the end of the page for cleaning instructions and tools.

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Proper wine decanter cleaning is essential to remove stains and residue that may cling to the interior wall and build up at the bottom over time. Simple rinsing may not remove it all. Here are tips to keep your decanter clean and ready for the next bottle.
First – refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. The most appropriate cleaning agents may vary based upon the specific type of glass.
Cleaning liquids most often used include dish soap, white vinegar, or hot water. Common scrubbing materials are tiny metal beads, baking soda, un-cooked white rice, or decanter brushes. To get you started, here is the simple five-step process we use at Wine Adventure Base Camp, make adjustments as appropriate for your specific type of decanter.
1. Add hot water to the decanter, filling to about 5% to 10% of capacity.
2. Add liquid cleaning agent (dish soap or white vinegar) and swirl to combine with hot water.
3. Add scrubbing agent (cleaning beads or un-cooked rice).
4. Swirl liquid and scrubbing agent for at least thirty seconds, longer if needed until stains and residue are cleared.
5. Pour out cleaning agents (save the beads!) and rinse the decanter twice with hot water, more times if necessary, then hang on stand until dry.
If the decanter comes with a stopper, we recommend leaving the stopper out of the decanter between uses.

Check out the useful cleaning tools below. Some of our recommended decanters come with cleaning supplies, so read decanter information before ordering cleaning items separately.