We’ve all heard them. At restaurants, in tasting rooms and around the table at dinner parties. Ridiculous wine critiques trumpeted with authority by wine snob wanna-be’s seeking to make their creative mark in the hallowed lexicon of wine tasting. Most we can dismiss with a polite smile and our inner voice sighing “what an ignorant blowhard.” But what if some of these unusual wine descriptors are real? Could armpit and manure be as valid as my favorite – wet dog? Once we move past chemical analysis, verbal expression of our individual wine experience is subject to personal taste. Might as well have some fun with it.

Here are the Top 10 Ludicrous But True Wine Descriptors shared by Darren Smith in The Drinks Business. Enjoy and please return to this page to share your favorite unusual wine descriptors – true or not.

Drinks Business Ludicrous But True Wine Descriptors