Twelfth Wine Wednesday Of ChristmasWelcome to the Twelfth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! In this, our final installment of the Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas for 2020, we’re featuring the YouYah wine decanter. Like any good decanter, the YouYah has a broad base that maximizes the wine’s exposure to air and the neck is easy to hold when pouring wine into a glass. The accessories that come with this decanter make it special.

First, there are stainless-steel cleaning beads. Swirl them around inside the decanter with warm soap and water to scrub away sediment and any film that has settled on the glass. Rinse thoroughly afterwards and the lead-free crystal with shine.

After you’ve washed and rinsed the decanter thoroughly, place it on the drying stand to let all the water drip from the inside.

Possibly the best of the three accessories is the aerator. Insert the aerator on the open end of the wine bottle, then place the decanter upside down on top of the bottle. Flip them over and the bottle empties down into the decanter without spilling a drop.

What if, for some unusual reason, you and your guests don’t drink the full contents of the decanter? Leaving wine in a decanter too long can cause over-oxidation. No problem – just insert the aerator back in the mouth of the decanter and place the bottle in the other side of the aerator and flip again. This time wine will flow down from the decanter into the bottle. Use a vacuum pump and stopper to seal the bottle and keep the wine fresh for at least a few days.

Check out the demonstration video!

To purchase this item, use the link below.

YouYah Wine Decanter

That’s it for our Twelfth Wine Wednesday of Christmas! If you missed previous installments, click here and check back next week for more great gift ideas. Cheers!