Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas 2020We’re kicking off the Holiday Season with Twelve Wine Wednesdays Of Christmas – twelve weekly presentations of gift ideas to keep you keep ahead of schedule on holiday shopping.

To open the season, we’re starting with an electric wine bottle opener from Reitz. If you have a lot of bottles to open or struggle with conventional corkscrews, an electric corkscrew could be the answer. Push one button to pull the cork, another to eject the cork. Corkscrew includes charging cable, foil cutter, pouring spout and a vacuum stopper.

Don’t always finish a bottle you open? We recommend an affordable solution – a set of 4 vacuum seal bottle stoppers with pump. Not only does a vacuum stopper keep partially-full bottles fresh for a week, these stoppers have a dial that can be set to set the date the cork was initially pulled.

Here are links to order the electric corkscrew and vacuum stopper on Check back next Wine Wednesday for another great Holiday gift idea.