We Just Added Fast Food Films to Wine Adventure Films libraryWe just added two fast food films to our library of Wine Adventure Films – stories from Adventures In The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements™.

Watch trailers and get more information about these fast food films by visiting our Wine Adventure Films page. While you’re there, please suggest fresh titles from your favorite wine, beer, spirits, food and travel films so we can share them with everyone. Cheers!

Our two new films:

The Founder (2016) Salesman Ray Kroc brought franchising to the McDonald brother’s fast food business – though stories of how it happened sometimes conflict. This film portrays Kroc as a hard-working innovator, while also claiming he was a wife-stealing scoundrel and back-stabbing businessman. Check out the film and decide for yourself.

Fast Food Nation (2006) This film travels the high road in exploring the risks of high volume food production. Based on the non-fiction book of the same title, this comedy/drama uses fictional characters to explore some interesting issues that might lead you to avoid the drive-through.