We Just Added Two New Food Movies 2020 11 24We just added two new food movies to our library of Wine Adventure Films – stories from Adventures In The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements™. If you’re hunkering down this Thanksgiving weekend – as most of us are – you may find these films available for viewing on your cable or premium channels.

See trailers and more information about these films by visiting our Wine Adventure Films page. While you’re there, please suggest fresh titles from your favorite wine, beer, spirits, food and travel films. Cheers!

Big Night In 1950’s New Jersey, two brothers plan a big night at their restaurant in a desperate attempt to stave off the competition. Drama, romance.

Big Night movie

A Chef’s Voyage In this documentary, chefs from a highly-regarded Silicon Valley restaurant travel to France to test their skills in celebrated European kitchens. A must-see for anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes in fine dining restaurants.