We Just Added Two Funny Beer Movies to our Film Library 2021 10 01We just added two funny beer movies to our library of Wine Adventure Films – stories from Adventures In The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements™. If you’re hunkering down this Fall – as most of us still are – you may find these films available for viewing on your cable or premium channels.

See trailers and more information about these films by visiting our Wine Adventure Films page. While you’re there, please suggest fresh titles from your favorite wine, beer, spirits, food and travel films. Cheers!

Young Einstein (1988) This Australian comedy centers around the efforts of young Albert Einstein to patent a process that adds bubbles to beer. There’s no historical or scientific basis for the story – it’s all just for fun.

Young Einstein

Beer League (2006) Artie is by all definitions an unemployed loser, but he finds redemption in motivating his softball league buddies to turn around their losing team.

Beer League