Where In The Wine Are We featuredWhere In The Wine Are We? is a new Wine Adventure Journal feature where readers share photographs and we all try to guess where they were taken. Photos are posted each week on WAJ’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), where anyone can identify the location – or make a guess. Not so hard, right? Maybe, if you have travelled a lot or you live or work near the location appearing in the shot. Submission rules prohibit photos showing signs with the location’s name, though the subject of the photo must be a place accessible to the general public. And photos aren’t limited to just the world of wine. Since “adjacent amusements” are part of the Wine Adventure Journal universe, we’ll be seeing beer, whiskey, fine dining and other interesting destinations in pictures, too.

Have a photograph to share? Visit the Where In The Wine Are We? page to read photo specs and rules and to upload your photo. Starting in January, those who submit photos that meet our guidelines will be entered into a prize drawing, specifics will be announced on January 1, 2022.

Here is the inaugural photo and as the caption states, it was taken in the United States in December of 2021. That’s all the information we have until the end of the month, when locations and other information about each photograph shared in December will be released. Check out all the photographs as they are posted by following on social media or make a comment below.

United States – December 2021 Click to enlarge photo