Where In The Wine Are We featuredWhere In The Wine Are We? is a new feature where readers showcase their photos taken in The World Of Wine And Adjacent Amusements. If you’re not familiar with what “adjacent amusements” entail, it’s pretty simple. Most of us who enjoy the world of wine also have a deep appreciation for good food, other adult beverages, and interesting destinations. Wine Adventure Journal explores all those great things on a regular basis. Beer, whiskey, fine dining, and interesting, popular, and notable places across the globe. If you have photos to share, we want to see them! On January 1, 2022 we will announce specifics of monthly drawings, just submit a photo to enter.

Check this page each Saturday for a new photo, they will also be posted on our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you know the location in the photo or want to venture a guess, share it in a Comment or Reply. At the end of each month we’ll reveal the locations so you can see if you guessed right!

Check back on the last day of each month to see a gallery of photos displayed in that month with captions identifying where they were taken. See how many you guessed (or knew) correctly!


We welcome photo submissions that meet our technical guidelines and submission rules! Just fill in the blanks and follow the instructions to submit your photo.

Technical Guidelines
– JPG or PNG files only
– Image dimensions: 16:9 (1920 pixels by 1080 pixels preferred) or 1:1 (1080 pixels by 1080 pixels preferred)
– Maximum file size: 2MB