2016 Kirkland Pinot GrigioWith the hottest weather of the season on the way, I highly recommend stocking up on our Wine Of The Week – 2016 Kirkland Pinot Grigio. Like other Costco wines mentioned in WAJ, this Pinot Grigio is an excellent drinker and a great value at $5.99. Produced in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in northeast Italy (map below), this light white has several characteristics similar to the popular Prosecco sparkling wines produced in the Veneto wine region immediately to the west. At just 12.5% alcohol, it’s a great all-day sip on hot summer afternoons.

2016 Kirkland Pinot Grigio offers aromas that include ripe summer fruits like pear, apple and mellon. Sip and you’ll be greeted with a pleasant tartness from green apple and a nicely balanced acidity that make this wine a great refresher. Break out the ice bucket and serve well-chilled.

Friuli Wine Map Italy


Disclosure: Author is a Costco member, but received no free or discounted wine for this review.