2018 Bodegas Henri Lurton Chenin Blanc Valle De San VincenteOur Wine Of The Week is 2018 Bodegas Henri Lurton Chenin Blanc, a European-style white wine from Baja California in northwest Mexico. We don’t run across many Mexican wines being poured in Napa Valley restaurants, but this one was offered during a recent stop at the bar in La Calenda, the new Thomas Keller Mexican restaurant in Yountville.

Bodegas Henri Lurton was established by Henri Lurton of Château Brane-Cantenac in the French appellation of Margaux in Bordeaux‘s left bank. French varietal grapes and wine-making methods create French-style Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Nebbiolo that feature the soil and conditions of northern Mexico where this wine is grown and produced. For Wine Adventurers looking for a cool sip on a warm afternoon, that means a light white wine with slightly higher acidity than northern California Chenin Blanc. The acidity brings extra dimensions of aroma and flavor that make this Bodegas Henri Lurton a great sip.

Unfortunately, La Calenda is the only spot where I have found this wine available, so stop in and try it during your next visit to Yountville. If I locate a retailer, I’ll update this article with the information.


Bar at La Calenda Yountville Napa Valley

The bar at La Calenda – great service and a friendly atmosphere in the heart of downtown Yountville, central Napa Valley.

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