2020 Acquiesce Clairette BlancheOur Wine Of The Week is 2020 Acquiesce Clairette Blanche, a premium white wine from California’s Lodi Appelation.

Clairette Blanche is seldom grown in the United States and is even relatively rare in France, where it is found mostly in the southern appelations of Rhône, Provence and Languedoc. The French typically blend Clairette Blanche in small amounts with other local varietals due to the grape producing high amounts of alcohol with low acidity. Acquiesce produces a 100% estate-grown Clairette Blanche with moderate acidity and 13.5% alcohol. Floral notes and gentle spice make it a well-balanced sip. Serve chilled and the wine is remarkably smooth and fulfills its role as a perfect pair for light foods, especially cheeses.

Available at the winery for about $30 retail.


Major wine producing regions of France

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Disclosure: Author is an Acquiesce wine club member and purchased this wine at the member discount price.