2020 Acquiesce Grenache BlancOur Wine Of The Week is 2020 Acquiesce Grenache Blanc. Taste before reading the label and you’ll swear this wine is a Rhône import. The unique soft shouldered bottle, French-style label graphics and golden color give the impression of a white Rhône or Burgundy. The journey continues on the nose and palate. Lots of tree fruits with moderate minerality that make this Grenache Blanc an excellent pair with summer foods or a crisp, refreshing sip. But 2020 Acquiesce Grenache Blanc isn’t produced in France – it is estate grown and made here in Northern California, right outside Lodi (see AVA map below).

We reviewed the 2017 vintage in December 2018 and since then the wine has gotten better. It’s a wonderful warm afternoon sip or pair for light, spicey or hearty summer nibbles.

Retail price at the tasting room is $28 and visiting the tasting room may be the only place you’ll find it. Acquiesce wines are estate-grown and produced in small batches. Many are available to club members only – but not this one. Stock up when you go for a tasting.

Lodi California area vineyard appellations

The Acquiesce Winery tasting room (see map below) is open during summer months. Walk-ins are taken when possible, recommend calling for a reservation because this is one of the Lodi area’s most popular tasting spots.

Acquiesce Winery & Vineyards
Phone (209) 333-6102


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Disclosure: Author of this article is an Acquiesce wine club member and purchased the wine being reviewed at the standard member discount.