Bertinelli Estates 2017 Rose Wine CaliforniaOur Wine Of The Week is Bertinelli Estates 2017 Rosé Wine California. We’ve been on a Rosé kick at Wine Adventure base camp lately, just like much of the wine-drinking world as the axis of the earth tips to raise average daily temperatures across the northern hemisphere. When I was elbowed as Bertinelli Estates wines popped up on QVC, I thought “here we go, another celebrity wine without substance.” Not true! I invested a little over $130 in a mixed case to discover that Valerie Bertinelli has blended some very nice California wines, including this 2017 Rosé, a Chardonnay, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Her Rosé is perfect for sipping alone or pairing with summer fare. Watermellon and strawberry are prominent on the palate and overall the wine is very smooth and light. Alcohol is moderate at 12.5%, I recommend serving well-chilled. Read more about all Valerie’s wines and recommended food pairings in Bertinelli Estates wine tasting notes (PDF).

Bertinelli Estates is produced by Windsor Vineyards, a division of Vintage Wine Estates in Santa Rosa, California (Sonoma County) that offers private labeling. Vintage has a great reputation for quality – its brands include B.R. Cohn (Sonoma County) and Swanson Vineyards* (Napa Valley), both reviewed previously in Wine Adventure Journal.

Since the purpose of Wine Of The Week is to recommend wines you can buy, I have to close by recommending that you purchase Bertinelli Estates 2017 Rosé Wine California and Valerie’s other wines directly from QVC. They are not distributed widely and the price asked by the producer on their web site is substantially higher than the QVC price.