Elizabeth Spencer EXS 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Mendocino Block NOur Wine Of The Week is Elizabeth Spencer EXS 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Mendocino Block N, a smooth and refreshing summer wine. I’ll admit this selection is a bit of a tease, since the only place you’re going to find it could be the Elizabeth Spencer tasting room in Napa Valley (see destination listing). The EXS label is Elizabeth Spencer’s limited edition line of white and red California wines sourced from Napa Valley, Mendocino County and the Sonoma Coast. They tend to sell out quickly and some releases are available only to wine club members.*

Elizabeth Spencer produced two 2017 Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc’s, the standard label at about $20 and this EXS at $40. My preference for the EXS is to chill moderately to bring out the aromas of peach and spring flowers. This vintage is very smooth with a little spice and light minerality. Pair with summer foods, though my preference is to sip solo.


Disclosure: Author of this review is a member of the Elizabeth Spencer Winery wine club and received the member’s discount when purchasing this wine.

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