Vezer Family Vineyard Baby Maker Red Wine BlendOur Wine Of The Week is Vezér Family Vineyard Baby Maker, a non-vintage red wine blend from California’s North Coast. The fun in this wine is not just the name, it’s the blending of 58% Petit Sirah and 42% Zinfandel that creates a bold sip with aroma and taste components typical for varietals from this region. You’ll get black cherry, plum and a hit of chocolate packed with 15.1% alcohol. A bold wine great for sipping alone or pairing with hearty dishes. $39 retail at the tasting room.

Vezér Family Vineyard is a family-owned producer of reds and whites with tasting rooms open to the public in Solano County’s Suisun Valley – about 18 miles east of downtown Napa. The Blue Victorian (see map below) is a relaxed, vineyard-surrounded location and the nearby Mankas Gardens location is at Mankas Corner next to the Mankas Grill.


Disclosure: Author is a Vezér wine club member and this wine was purchased at a discount.

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