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Do you like to write, photograph or create videos about wine, beer, spirits, food or related travel and destinations? We’re looking for submissions of one time pieces or recurring columns and features (weekly or monthly) to publish in WAJ. Topics may include:
– Wine, beer and spirits tastings, reviews and education
– Food, recipes and creating awesome dishes
– Products, gadgets and tools related to food & beverage
– Businesses and destinations of interest to Wine Adventurers (wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants, taverns, etc.)

Our guidelines are simple:
– We can only publish articles and information submitted by persons having the legal right to do so.
– Publication is subject to our editorial review and approval.
– Contributors must disclose if they received or will receive any item or service of value in return for their review or if they have had a past or current business relationship with the entity being reviewed.
– If copyrighted by the author, submission to Wine Adventure Journal constitutes assignment of one time rights.
– It’s OK to promote a product, destination, or other topic with which you have a business relationship (contractor, employee, ownership, etc.), but we ask that you don’t include any links in your Wine Adventure Journal content that execute a sale. Otherwise, links to your site are just fine.
– We retain the right to edit material for grammar, spelling, punctuation or clarity. If you don’t like our edits we’ll be glad to remove your content from this site.
– Our most important guideline – no negative reviews. If you can’t recommend it, don’t write about it. Cautions about specific features are usually OK.
– Compensation for published material is cash, not products or other trades. For this reason, the primary criteria for acceptance and value is overall quality, relevance of the submission and its ability to attract readers/viewers.
– If you already produce online content, we ask for 30 days exclusivity on anything published on WAJ, after that you may publish the material anywhere else without restrictions. Exceptions may be made for syndicated content.

Please use the form below to describe your contribution and we’ll email you with more specific guidelines for submission.

I look forward to hearing from you!

John Souerbry (Wine Adventurer, publisher, editor, etc. etc. etc.)

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